Enjoying Shochu: Recommendations for drinking

Shochu has a high percentage of alcohol—as much as 25%—and there are many ways to enjoy it, from straight up to mixed cocktails. Here are a few of our suggestions for enjoying shochu, ranging from the traditional to the innovative.

  1. Rokuyon Rokuyon: For Kagoshima locals this is the traditional way to drink sweet potato shochu—it releases the aroma and increases one’s appetite. Mix 6 parts of shochu with 4 parts of warm water (about body temperature). Pour the warm water in a cup first, then add the shochu.
  2. ochoko Straight up: If you want to enjoy the drink’s inherent flavour, try it straight. Serve cold or at room temperature.
  3. On the Rocks: For a smooth flavour that brings out the sweetness, pour shochu in a whisky glass with a large ice cube. We highly recommend using mineral water for the ice in order to enhance its flavour. Enjoy how different it tastes as the ice melts.
  4. Cocktails: Shochu is remarkably versatile, making it perfect for mixed drinks. You can try it many different ways: we like it mixed with club soda, lemon, milk, green tea, or fruit. Make up your own!

    cocktail 1 cocktail 2 cocktail 3 cocktail 4
Shochu experts enjoy KURA JUNSUI chilled. Due to its high alcohol percentage, KURA JUNSUI will not freeze but, instead, becomes syrupy. Chill the bottle before serving. Enjoy in a shot glass.

For most shochus, which have lower alcohol content, we do not recommend serving chilled.

Oishi Shuzo Distillery Co., Ltd.