Oishi Shuzo Distillery


Tradition and Innovation

Oishi Shuzo Distillery The history of the Oishi Shuzo Distillery began in 1899 with the first president, Chojiro Oishi. Over 100 years later, in 1993 the current president, Hiromoto Oishi, a former engineer, took over as the fifth president of the distillery. Under his leadership marked by inquiry and innovation, we have introduced numerous new brands that bear the Oishi Shuzo name while still retaining the signature “Tsurumi” brand that originated with Chojiro.

Hiromoto’s brands are all unique, distinguishable from each other by differences in ingredients and in manufacturing methods. He studies every kind of shochu making he can find, from every corner of the world, both traditional and contemporary, and his recreation of these processes are often integrated with his own innovative ideas. The revival of the Kabutogama distillation method is one such example of his experimental spirit.

Hiromoto Oishi Shochu Labo

To maintain the high quality of craft and the genuine flavours of its shochu, the Oishi Shuzo Distillery remains small, allowing us the time and space to be both experimental and discriminating about every aspect of shochu making.

Location and Climate

Oishi Shuzo Distillery is located in Akune city, in the northwest corner of Kagoshima Prefecture, facing the East China Sea. The area is blessed with the ideal climate for shochu distilling. The air currents from the sea warm the region, lending it a subtropical climate and fostering a rich variety of flora and fauna. Fresh well water and local ingredients selectively chosen from the bounty of this region are essential to our product.

Potato field Akune

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